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Miracles can not be seperated from the Gospel.
They are not just an accompaniment, but a vital part of the Gospel.

My message and my preaching were not with wise and persuasive words, but with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power. 1. Corinthians 2:4

Thyroid Gland healed - No surgery!

One of our church members was scheduled for operation of the Thyroid Gland on Monday. She had been on Medication for the past three years with no change. On Thursday, we celebrated the miracle God had done in her life! She went to the doctor on Monday and they said..."there is no need for the operation now, everything is alright". They checked her and took blood tests and found the Thyroid Gland working normal again!!! Glory to God. She was at the healing meeting with Evangelist Schott on Saturday. Glory to God!
Helsinki, Finland 2017

Backpain Healed After 40 Years!

My name is David Adele, a Nigerian, from Abia State. When I came for the man of God. I came and the power of God moves my leg. To the extend: I had backache as far back as 1976. 1976, we were kids then. We were trying to pull a drum of kerosene up. My friends there all pulled the drum. Then as my own turn. I want to pull the drum of kerosene. I heard a crack on my back. I tried to stand and couldn’t. I tried to, I was there for a couple of minutes before I could stand. Since then, I have been having the pains up to date. But when the man of God said that he’s going to pray, and the power of God is here now to heal, then he narrated this story. He touched his back and said something has left somebody here and at this place. I know it’s me. Then he said he should touch it, touch it, touch it. I know touched it. I realized that the pain is gone. Yeah, I realized that the pain is gone, is gone. So I am happy for that. That is great assurance that God is real, is still real, is real to those that believe. I am happy. I am happy. (transcribed from interview)
In Helsinki, December 4th, 2016

19 Years of Knee Problems Healed

An African brother in Helsinki had knee problems, since 1997. Jesus healed him! He did squats in front of the people present, which he could not do before. Hallelujah!
Helsinki, December 2016

My Heart Burns

Good day. I just would like to thank you hereby, especially you Daniel, for your refreshing, powerful, clear, and truthful preaching. I discovered “by accident” (I know, there is no such thing) a CD series and since then my heart burns with a new intensity. I cannot listen enough to your spirit filled messages, which are true and bringing clarity. Glory to our Lord Jesus for your calling, and you for your commitment, your life, and your invest into His Kingdom, and His plan. Contiune to be mightily blessed, fearless and uncompromising!
F. Keller, Switzerland

Ear Healed!

Since the war in Serbia I could not hear with my right ear, it was deaf. During the prayer time at the WAKE UP!, the Lord touched me and suddenly I could hear again with my right ear. Everything seemed so loud, and I am just overwhelmed. Thank you, Jesus!
WAKE UP! – November 4th, 2016

Clear Sight

Hello Daniel! I would like to give a testimony. Before the WAKE UP! my sight through my glasses was somewhat blurry and my eyes hurt. Just now, I noticed it is gone. Hallelujah, praise the Lord!
WAKE UP! – November 4th, 2016

New Strength, New Courage

I have visited a service in Wernigerode. Evangelist Daniel Schott preached there. My problem until then was that I constantly heard voices, which made me very insecure and fearful, and as a result I closed my heart. During the service I received new courage, the Holy Spirit convicted me and gave me peace. Now, I know how to differentiate between the voices, and I know what is of God and what not. I can even walk up to aggressive people calmly and bless them. I’ve got new strength, and new courage, for which I am very thankful and happy.
Wernigerode (Germany), October 2016


On Sunday, the wife of the pastor reported about a sister. Evangelist Daniel Schott prayed for her, five years ago. She was not able to have children and came to receive prayer. The Lord healed her, and after three months she got pregnant. Thank you Jesus!
Dortmund (Germany), August 28th, 2016

Tumor Shrunk!

I am a thirty years old mother and have a husband and two wonderful children. Our daughter is four years old and our son six. Let me call them Lu and Bienie. When our daughter was one and a half years old, we noticed a trembling of the eyes. It started from one day to the next. After a MRI scan it turned out that our little Bienie had a supposedly slowly growing tumor of 5.7cm size. The doctors advised us to wait with the chemo. However, after an examination in March they found a second tumor in the brain.
I was just mad at God, because I could not understand how he could do that to me. We received our plan for the next 85 weeks, which were probably the worst weeks of our lives. My anger at God subsided, because I understood that God does not give us diseases. I began to fight in prayer, together with God, for the sickness to vanish.
The doctors said, the tumor would impair the eyes much because it had entangled the optic nerves, which could lead to blindness. My husband and I were at countless miracle services. He would come along although he did not believe. After much prayer and countless chemos it was time for the next MRI. The tumor had shrunk to 2.4 cm at the end of the 85 chemos, which left the doctors very impressed.
In December 2015 we had the last chemo. My question on whether the tumor would further go back without chemo was answered in the negatives. But I believed wholeheartedly that it would continue to go back. However, at first nothing happened. The last three MRIs always showed the same. But I continued with God... No matter who I talked to, I would always say: My daughter will be healed. I know it. God does not leave us alone. I was smiled at but I did not care. I stood by it, that God still works miracles today.
On one Sunday my parents wanted me to go to a healing service in Dortmund. “Oh mom,” I said, “we have already been there once. I don’t want to go there again.” “But Daniel Schott is there!“ she said. – “Daniel Schott – I don’t know him.” I still went, in a bad mood, and allowed Bienie to be prayed for. She got so hot that I almost had to take off her clothes. I had the feeling, Daniel Schott prayed like a warrior. I was touched and went home. On the way home in the car my darling was still sweating a lot. The Holy Spirit was moving and working, my mother told me.
Our next MRI appointment was on Tuesday. Next to the stretcher, I prayed up and down all Bible verses connected to healing. I sang in tongues for my sleeping daughter undergoing the MRI. We waited for the result for one week. Then the doctor called. The tumor had shrunk and only remains can be seen. I cried for joy, fell on my knees and just thanked my loving father!!! I’ll never forget this moment. Finally there is progress.
I thank Daniel Schott for his prayer and his ministry, and I am grateful that God had sent us to him. God is so great and I am happy to be his daughter. He holds us in his hands in every crisis of our life, and that is the most wonderful feeling that one can have. Much love and God’s blessings from a mother who had always believed in the miracle of God.
Dortmund October , Anonymous

Residence permit after 12 years!!

Today, a African women said Thank to Evangelist Daniel Schott, as he has been in London. The last year, as he has been there, he prayed for her and Jesus answered the prayer. She stood in faith, believed and confessed again and again. During 2 weeks she got her residence permit, after 12 years. Jesus is great/magnificient!
London, June 2016, Anonymous

What a wonderful WAKE UP! - Service!

What a wonderful WAKE UP!-Service. During the prayer time for the WAKE UP!, before the service starts, Jesus healed the pain in my left eye and in my head. And then the Glory of God, that pressed me down and gave me abundant joy! Even today in the morning the joy is still there! God does great things! At my work, I see great miracles and signs, I can’t write everything down. There is always the tremendously joy coming up. Hallelujah! Thank you for everything. May the Lord work through GEN constantly! Be constantly. Be further on blessed with joy, through the power of Jesus Christ!
WAKE UP! Minden, 2019-09, Holger

Deep Change through Jesus!

For me the EuroSpirit Conference was a great blessing again this year. The Lord gave me an enourmous touch, after the laying of hans of Daniel. That resulted in a durable deep change. I am sooo grateful. Hallelujah!
EuroSpirit 2017! Holland, M. Duxbury

Prayer works! Husband healed!

In Wuppertal, a woman came before the church service started, in order to pray with the Pastor of the church and Evangelist Daniel Schott. Twenty years ago, her husband had an accident and could hardly move. Any sort of movement was painful, which limited him very much. As she came home again, her husband came to meet her and was dancing. His wife asked him what happened. Just at the time when the man was prayed for, his pains and limitations disappeared. Hallelujah! Jesus is still working miracles!
Wuppertal 2016-06-19, Anonymous

I can hear again one hundret procent!

I came to the WAKE UP! in Minden, in June 2016. Two days earlier, I had a hearing loss, and my right ear was hard of hearing. During the prayer time, in faith I put my fingers into my ears and commanded that all stressors had to go. The anointing of the Holy Spirit was so strong. My head was freed and I can hear again one hundret procent. Thank you Jesus!
WAKE UP! Minden Juni 2016, Anja G.

Jesus is the victor!

As I came to the WAKE UP! in Minden, I was experiencing devilish attacks in my thoughts. The attacks are gone and the thoughts are cleansed. The confusion is over. I can connect to the Lord undisturbed, and I can fully concentrate on him. The battle is over! Jesus is the victor!
WAKE UP! Minden Juni 2016, Thomas W.

God's Presence get's stronger

Thank you for coming to Holland (EuroSpirit, May 2016). The Lord gave you His anointing to preach and to minister!! Thank you very much! The Lord made me drunk in His Spirit during your meeting, and the awareness of His Presence in my life has increased. I am so very grateful!!!!
EURO SPIRIT 2016, Anonymous

Faith for Healing

The day before the last WAKE UP! in April 2016, I talked to my aunt on the phone, who is in poor health. Amongst other sicknesses, she has nasal sinusitis. As she said, the doctor is not around for the time being. She has such an infection many a time, and she was sure that it is the same this time. The doctor pierces it in a certain way, so it can heal. She felt, it would not heal otherwise. Well, I invited my aunt to the WAKE UP! She is still in the beginning stages of her faith. She has never been to such a service before. Since recently, we are talking more often on the phone and pray together over the phone. I have also told her that the Lord could heal her there. Since she felt too sick, I told her that I would be there on her behalf. She agreed, was happy about it, and thanked me. The WAKE UP! service was the next day, and I prayed to God, that he would heal my aunt. After the service, I by faith queued up for prayer on behalf of my aunt, and was hoping that it would be so. Interestingly enough God had spoken to Daniel. Daniel mentioned that Jesus would heal somebody of a nasal sinusitis. I was so thankful for that! Thank you Jesus! Of course, God has not disappointed me (us). Later after the service, I told Daniel Schott about it, and asked him, if it is possible that someone can come to God on behalf of somebody else. Daniel reminded me of the passage from the Bible, where Jesus was in a house, and some men opened the roof to let down a sick and bedridden man to Jesus, for Jesus to heal him. That man was healed by the faith of the men. There you go! The next day I called my aunt and inquired of her. She told me, that it had cracked in her nose not long ago, and the infection was now oozing out (sorry, for the details). Normally, only the doctor could do that. She is very happy. There are no limits with God. Have courage!
WAKE UP! Minden, Anonymous

left knee healed

A women, she could not bend her left leg came to the WAKE UP!. She could not climbing stairs. Jesus healed her. The Lord spoke through a word of knowledge. Thank you Jesus!

Healed from Toothache

A sister was healed from toothache, in the night after the WAKE UP!, April 2016.
WAKE UP! Minden, Anonymous

Healed from Breathing Difficulties

As I came to the WAKE UP! in Minden, I had breathing problems. I could not breathe deeply, since one month. During the service the symptoms disappeared and now I can breathe deeply again. Jesus healed me! Thank you Jesus!
WAKE UP! Minden, Torben

Headaches, Pains in the Eyes, and Ears Vanished

During the WAKE UP! in Minden we were told to lay hands on he parts of the body where we felt pain. I have had problems with my head since a long time – it pained constantly, as did the eyes, and ears. As I laid hands on myself, and as Daniel prayed, I felt better. Now, the pains are completely gone and I feel great..
WAKE UP! Minden, Alexander

Shoulder Pains Gone

I have had difficulties with my shoulder, since more than a year. I could not lift my arm, because it was very painful. I came to a point that I could not bend my arm. During the prayer time, I‘ve been touched deeply, and now I can stretch my arm again, and completely move it. I am so thankful, that Jesus healed me..
WAKE UP! Minden, Monika

Back Pain Healed

I had back pains for two weeks and could not bent. Tablets and injections would not help. Now it is good, I can bent again.
WAKE UP! Münster

Back Pain, gone

I had pain in my back and now it is gone. Thank you Jesus. Amen!
Evelyn, after the WAKE UP!

Neck Pain Healed

I came here with serious back pain, moving over to my neck. I was in terrible pain. I followed the preaching attentively. Then my stomach started aching, as well. After prayers, I feel no pinch of pain or ache any more. I believe I have been healed and I am filled with the Holy Ghost fire, to do God’s work. More to that I believe the Spirit of barreness is gone. Amen.
WAKE UP! Minden


I am very happy for your last visit in Bielefeld …, because your message for that day was exactly my problem. You spoke about people who suffer from work and paper to stay. Also you said that all what devil stole from us, one hast o take it back. And since that day you prophecied, miracles started to happen on my side. I got a job and my papers, too. I don't have anything to thank you with ,but the word I have to say to you my Pastor is: May God lift you up, up, up and make your ministry to grow more than you expect.
Prince, Bielefeld

Zyst is gone

My doctor told me that I need an operation, because I have a zyst in my body. Then I went to he WAKE UP! in Braunschweig. I received prayer. After the WAKE UP!, I have had another check up in the doctor‘s office, and he couldn’t find the zyst anymore. The zyst was gone, everything is alright. I do not need a surgery. Thank you Jesus!
WAKE UP! Braunschweig

Eyes Healed

The Holy Spirit worked salvations and healings of various kinds. The healing of an almost blind woman was particularly impressive. A man received healing for his right eye, through a word of knowledge that evangelist Schott received from the Lord. Thank you Jesus!
Italy (near Naples)

Healing of Long-term Illness

The Lord healed a lady who had had problems with her right hand for seven years. Although she could close her hand, sometimes she could not open it again.

Ankle Healed

A man was healed who had suffered of pain in his ankle for 27 years. Although he had been healed already on Friday, he waited with his testimony till Sunday. He could not really believe it and wanted to be sure that he was truly healed. The seemingly impossible is possible with God!

Hands and Back Healed

A man was able to move his hand again, after six month.
A woman got healed, who due to here back problems could not walk. Thank you Jesus! The Lord also healed the paralyzed hand of another woman.
Gospel Meeting India

Curved Limps Healed

A boy with curved limps was healed at the Gospel meeting in March and is now able to run.
Gospel Meeting India

India 2015 - Healing and Revival

Amongst others a woman was healed from tumors in the neck and belly.
Another lady who had cancer had been operated 30 years ago. Much tissue had been removed and her neck was harmed. She had her head tilted to one side, since. Jesus healed her! After 30 years of suffering, she was able to straighten her neck again. Hallelujah!
On the last evening of the mission trip to India Evangelist Schott preached in a traditional India church. A powerful time of prayer followed. Evangelist Schott was asked to pray for each and everyone with the laying on of hands, which took quite a while. Miracles happened and people were filled with the Holy Spirit.
Weeks later we learned that the church service that night caused a revival in the church. It was their first experience of that kind with the Holy Spirit – like a Pentecost just for that church. Now the Christians are attending the church again and more healing testimonies of that particular service followed. Thank you Jesus!
Our coworker in India had done a great job and the events were well prepared. As it turned out, even the spiritual world was prepared. In a village as well as in a church people already new through the spirit that evangelist Schott was coming. The heavenly postal service is faster than any email.

Too Late? a lot of wonders and miracles in Nigeria

Opendoors Christian Centre describes what had happened, as follows:
This man was brought in yesterday by his neighbour, blind. During the prayer and hand-laying session done by Evang. Daniel Schott, his neighbour brought him out to be prayed for without mentioning his predicament to the Man of God. Few minutes later while the session was still in progress the man received his sight to the glory of the Lord.

Ruanda 2014

Many peoply werde healed. One testimony was expecially touching: A young lady testified in tears that Jesus healed her eye.
A young girl experienced God’s favor in an extraordinary way. She had been bewitched as a child and could nt open her hands and was hearing impaired. Jesus broke the power of darkness and healed her. Yet she still had problems with her legs. After receiving prayer on the stage even her legs were healed.

Zambia: On Foot to Collect Healing

Three hours on the way. Walking 22 kilometers on foot. The march in the morning was worth it. This man received healing of his stomach aches and much more.

Deeply Touched!

At a church service in France a young man was deeply touched by the Holy Spirit. He did not even come for prayer as Evangelist Schott prayed for people, because he was responsible for the sound system. Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit touched him strongly. Even next morning he was still under the anointing. Thank you Jesus for your anointing!

Back Pain Since 2004 – Healed!

Back Pain Since 2004 – Healed! A woman had back pains, since a terrible accident at beginning of 2004. According to her doctor the back would never heal. Her vertebras were to be fixed, but Jesus healed her!

Lump on Knee Disappears

A lady had a lump on her knee for three years. She suffered pain and was to be operated on. After a word of knowledge through Evangelist Schott she was healed! Praise the Lord!

Gambia: Heavenly Surgery

An Evangelist was healed of migraine and back pain. She couldn’t even get up by herself in the morning. She reported almost passing out during the prayer. She felt how a surgery took place in the belly area.

14 Years of Pain – Healed!

In Gambia, Evangelist Schott preached about the woman with the issue of blood, who had been healed after twelve years of suffering. During that service a man was healed, who had suffered from pain in the whole body for 14 years. Thank you Jesus!

Young Lady Walks!

A young lady was carried out, supported by two men, during a church service in Belgium. Towards the end of the service she was brought in again. She had lost sensation in her legs and could neither stand nor walk. We prayed collectively for the lady. Sensation returned back to her legs! She was healed in front of all people and went back to her seat by herself. Hallelujah!

With GEN for Almost Three Years – Experienced Jesus so Many Times!

We just had the Wake Up! for the 18th time. Wow, the glory of the Lord could be felt very strongly. Sometimes I have thought to myself, how nice it would be to just be a participant and then to enter the presence of the Lord. However, the Lord taught me something different:
1. Jesus is with me, no matter what I do.
2. Jesus heals, because He is Jahwe-Rapha.
3. Jesus can touch me even while I serve Him.
It all depends on my faith. At the Wake Up! in September, Daniel had the impression that we should lay hands on ourselves, wherever the pain is, or just on the head. Since I needed healing, I put my hand on my head and desired to receive an all-round package from the Lord. I did it very briefly so I could continue with my service. Next day, the pain in my knee was gone. Thank you Jesus! At the last Wake Up! I sat in the first row to take pictures. The power of the Lord came on me so strongly that I felt a very deep gratitude. Tears started running, and the Lord convinced me once again that He can work on me, even when I serve him in the background.
God’s presence continues to get stronger at the various services of GEN, for His love for us is incomprehensively great!
I’m very grateful to be one of the workers(one day even fulltime) and to experience the love of God for people and His mighty works. Heike, November 2013

India - Deaf Women Can Hear and Girl Stands!

A deaf women can hear again! A girl who was left after a failed surgery death was just sitting attend the evangelism. After Jesus healed her, the next day she stood on stage and gave testimony! Halleluja! May 2013


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