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We are dedicated to spread the Gospel world-wide by the power of the Holy Spirit!
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Evangelist Daniel Schott is reaching people in different parts of the world, preaching the Gospel with signs and wonders following.
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Wake UP!

A Healing and Revival Service for Christians
To make a world-wide impact, believers need to wake up. The WAKE UP! is designed to bring together Christians of various denominations, to worship God, and to experience the power of the Holy Spirit. The Word of God is preached, and believers are challenged to live a spirit-filled life. As people encounter the glorious presence of God in the meetings, they are healed, delivered, and anointed. Changed by the power of God, Christians are to bring transformation to their respective places of influence.
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A Multifaceted Evangelistic Approach
UP! stands for a strategy God has given to Evangelist Schott, to reach people with the life changing Gospel. It combines multiple evangelistic approaches and impacts a whole region with the Gospel. This method includes the use of various types of regional media and advertisement, distribution of specially designed invitations and Gospel flyers, and a special closing event. Based on Romans 15:23, this method does not just focus on events but is intended to effectively cover a whole region with the Gospel. This is done over a period of time. While there is still a Gospel Meeting at the end of this period, people already have opportunity to accept the Gospel, and to communicate with local Christians in the ongoing process.
The UP! will be tailored according to budget and available man power of the ministries involved. Reach your region with the Gospel. Bring the UP! to your city! For more information contact us.
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Stand UP!

A School of Personal Evangelism
It is time for Christians to stand up. We must have a say in all areas of society. Everyday life offers many opportunities for everyone! A businessman should use his chance at a business lunch, a grandfather with his grandchild, a teeny in a social network, a work mate during break time, a house wife talking to her neighbor, a politician among his friends, a student at the University. Evangelism must be part of every area of life! If each Christian stands up fearlessly for Jesus, people will be saved. Society will be transformed, and the Kingdom of God will be build. The power of the Holy Spirit, your unique gifts and character are key! This two-day seminar will equip you to evangelize more effectively. To register for a STAND UP! or to invite Evangelist Schott to hold a STAND UP! in your church, contact our office.
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"Jesus is truth. When truth collides with reality, reality will submit to truth."
D. Schott

Meet Daniel Schott

Daniel Schott is a passionate Evangelist and the president of Global Evangelistic Network e. V. in Germany. He has reached millions of people with the good news of Jesus Christ through Gospel Meetings and the media. Daniel preaches the Gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and his ministry is accompanied by signs and wonders. In conferences and Revival Meetings people experience the presence of God and are empowered.

Apart from Europe, Daniel ministers a lot in Asia and Africa. While ministering as an Evangelist, Daniel still studied intensively the Evangelistic ministry of Reinhard Bonnke in Africa. That study specifically prepared him for his ministry on the African continent. Daniel is happily married to Irina. They have three sons and live in Minden, Germany.

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